Well, night two went a lot less smoothly than I hoped it would, to put it mildly.

At 3:30AM, finally tired of sweating through numerous pillowcases, sheets, etc., and having exhausted all tricks in my bag to keep cool (some of which will remain personal), I finally had to cave and lower the thermostat to 75 from 79.

Even though the thermostat reads one number, it should be noted that it is located on the bottom floor of the house, not the top, and the old ways of heat still ring true – it rises!

Nevertheless, as soon as all members of the house were up and functioning around 7:30AM, the thermostat was put back to 79. A gutsy move, honestly, considering as today’s temperatures are expected to set a record high, with a heat index peaking at about 110 degrees Farenheit.

Yet I am determined that, unless severe discomfort is arising, that thermostat should not move again!