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Thank you!

I would like to give a very big thank you to the local power company for the blackouts and fritzes that have been going on with the power lately. For the second time this week, and the fourth (roughly) in two weeks, we lost power for about 4 hours tonight.

While I appreciate that they are willing to help me so mightily in our family project of energy savings, I question their wisdom in doing so when one of the worst heat waves in history is gripping much of the nation.



I predict that, somewhat regardless of this project/experiment, the energy bill will be lower this month.


Because the power went out yesterday. For approximately 6+ hours, the power was down, not functioning, kaput…you get the picture. The entire subdivision was out for about the third time in 2 weeks.

The only thing rivaling the heat index in the area was the temperature of the smoke billowing out of the residents’ ears, as there was no conceivable reason why we should have lost power.

It should be noted that, the day before, we had gone through a wonderful thunderstorm in which it rained cats, dogs, cows, and chickens, complete with wind gusts of competing strength and rain that somehow managed to go in two different directions at once – though neither direction was straight down. All of us at home (or anywhere else) hunkered down mightily, candles in one hand and flashlights in the other, waiting for the power to flicker, surge, flicker again, and finally go out. Yet it held strong.

However, the next day, amid no rainstorms, only a heat index sufficient enough to fry bacon and eggs on the driveway without aid of a stove, with the sun shining brightly and all seemingly well, the power went out.

For six hours.

I honestly don’t know what to laugh about harder – that the power went out for six hours, or since due to this ongoing project and the fact that everything was unplugged, it was dinnertime before I had even noticed that the power was out.

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