Well…here it is. The first post in my (our) brand-new blog.

This blog is meant to be a showcase of our family projects –  past, present, and future. Some wonderful things have come out of these projects, not the least of which are family togetherness, along with a new and beautiful respect for some things that, quite possibly, we had taken for granted before.

The current project? Energy saving.

When? Starting tomorrow…or, if in the Eastern Standard Time zone, in 49 minutes, at least according to the clock on the computer.

 The hope? To see how much energy can be saved in the next 30 days.


Well…why not? It seemed to be as good a project as any, and as I stated before, some wonderful things have come out of past projects.

What past projects? More on that later…

As you can see, things are still a little rough around the edges here at lifetimeprojects, which hopefully will be polished in the next few days. Like most projects, the site will be considered a “work in progress”.

Just for the record, ‘energy savings’ will not mean living like a hermit going back to the stone age. While the idea in itself is not as distasteful to me as it would have once been, I doubt it’s completely possible. Rules on the project tomorrow – along with, hopefully, an actual meter reading (if I don’t have to spend all day on the phone with the electric company).

So, for now, the first post is finished. Tomorrow is a whole new day…and the start of another family project.